Piotr B. Dubla I’m a pixel wrangler/herder currently working in the games industry at Rockstar North. I firmly believe in linear physically-based energy-conservative lighting and shading and do my best to ensure every pixel on screen is paid the utmost attention. I also like making things shiny. In here you'll find my publications, a gallery of some images I've produced over the years with the many renderers I've coded along with all my current contact information.

My full CV is avaliable here and if you need to get hold of me just use this .
Quite an impressive little bit of hardware (pardon the pun) its dubbed a computer-on-a-chip. Tegra features an ARM11 processor, a HD video processor and an ultra low-power GeForce GPU all on a chip which measures 144mm². The chip measures one tenth the size of Intel's Menlow platform, and NVIDIA has shown it can play 26 hours of 720p video, very nice. Coverage is avaliable at The Tech Report and Tom's Hardware
The Open Graphics Project has just announced that the OGD1 is available for preorder. The design features 2 DVI, 256MB RAM, PCI-X, and a Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA along with a nonvolatile FPGA for programming on boot. This looks quite interesting as this has uses beyond having an open-source graphics card. This card uses FPGAs which means general processing can also be implemented, this could have uses in fields like crypto and sound processing.